zackwhosthat (zackwhosthat) wrote in wii_smashonline,

Brawl Or Melee?

Personally, I think it's a stupid question, as it's all really a matter of opinion. But I am interested in everyone's reasoning behind their opinions. So which is it for you HMMMM!? ANSWER WISELY OR BE DESTROYED!!
The mighty Zack hath spoken...NOW LEAVE FROM HERE!!! but answer first k?
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I much prefer Brawl over Melee (hopefully we're talking about Super Smash Bros. here) mostly because I can actually tell what's happening on screen when I'm playing Brawl. When I played Melee, I found myself wondering where my character was on screen more than I actually played the game. It was far too chaotic and way too fast for my tastes. Brawl was much better, though I still found myself wondering just where the hell I was on screen, even when I played as Dedede

Also, Melee didn't have Ike, Dedede, Pit, or Meta Knight. And Wario. Can't forget Wario.
Also, in Melee, you couldn't fight for your friends.
I prefer Brawl over Melee. Melee was more hectic and I had trouble following my own character, there were times I couldn't find my own character on the screen. It was way too fast and chaotic for my short attention span :P Also there are no real clone characters in Brawl. I do find it a shame that characters such as Roy and Pichu got left out.

That said I like the newcomers in Brawl, such as Lucas, Ike and Pit. the final smashes and assist trophies are also a fun addition.
Brawl for the balance.
Brawl although being in a Brawl Specific community probably doesn't answer the question very well.
In my opinion, Lucario > Mewtwo

So my pick is Brawl
Melee but don't kill me okay. Ike > Roy though.
Oh wait, reasoning? Melee seems more competitive overall due to the high level of skill required to play at the upper levels. Recovery takes more skill and is a bigger issue. Combos are much more important, rewarding more aggressive play instead of the camp-and-spam/more defensive plays in Brawl.

But I do like Brawl; it's just a very different kind of game. And can I change my vote to 64 actually? 64 needs more love.
Brawl, easily. It's more balanced, offers a wider range of characters (most of them fun to play), there are no real clone character, it has a killer soundtrack, a stage builder, and is just a whole lot a fun.
Melee will always be my favorite Smash Bros. title. I have so many great memories of playing against friends, especially my neighbor, Brian (back before my family moved). It was playing against Brian, and studying how he played, that gave me reason to become such a skilled Smash Bros. player.
I think Melee is excellent for pure speed-based fights.

Brawl for strategic battles.
and lol just noticed this post is old as hell....