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Hi there, long time Smash Brothers player here; well since Melee came out for the GC in late 2001, anyway. ^_^; I think this is my first time posting to this community, but I have been a member of ssb for years.

Anyway, my friends and I have been following There will be Brawl pretty closely since its inception. I'm not sure if anyone else in the community has been watching it (I see a post for episode 1 below;, but if so Episode 5 just went up a few days ago! You can find it here plus the earlier episodes and even bonus footage. ^_^

If you do not know what I am talking about it's a web series that is a bit of a dark parody on the SSB universe. It's live action and extremely well-done, I must say. Check it out!

Also, I am looking to try and get into Brawl semi-competitively again, but I recently moved to the Boston area and all my SSB buddies are spread out across the country now. I really hate playing on the laggy wi-fi and so I am sort of looking for people who like to smash in the area. I know LJ is a long shot; next stop is smash boards but trying to avoid it. :P If anyone's interested to know, I mainly play Toon Link followed by Zelda, Falco, Big Link, Game and Watch, and Pikachu....but in any good smash session I will pick a lot of characters. =o

Apologies in advance for the cross-post! ^^;

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if you want decent competition, then you should probably just go to smashboards.
Yeah, you may be right in that regard. Not that I don't like the community, I just don't always agree with their every "consensus" when it comes to the gameplay.
well, so do i (like wanting to ban Meta Knight, but i won't get into that), but it's still the best place to find a wide array of people to play with, it just so happens that a lot of their opinions are really bad.
Yeah, there you are exactly right. I got another recommendation for allisbrawl.com too, going to try that site out. Been poking around to see who is in the Boston area that likes to smash (plenty I am sure, benefits of a big city).

I took the LJ approach first because that worked back like, 6 years ago when I needed local smash friends in college ( ugh I am really getting THAT old). I made a post on the school community looking for Melee'ers and to this day some of those people remain really good friends (not to mention the heated yet fun battles that ensued). =)