Dan (__darkmatter) wrote in wii_smashonline,

The Brawl music that didn't make it

There's no denying that Smash Bros. Brawl has what could very well be the most epic video game soundtrack ever. But did you know that, buried within the game's coding, many songs were found that didn't make the final cut of the game? Below the cut are the songs that DIDN'T make it in. They aren't necessarily the remixes that would have been in Brawl, but these were set to be in it regardless.

Ballad of the Windfish (Link's Awakening)

Beware the Forest Mushrooms (Super Mario RPG)

Boss Battle (Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time)

Move Out! (Fire Emblem)

The Loner, Falco Lombardi (Star Fox Command)

Type A (Yoshi's Cookie)

The Chosen One (Fire Emblem)

Because I Love You (Earthbound)

Eight Melodies (Mother)

Smiles and Tears (Earthbound)

Hippie Battle (Mother)

Main Theme (Metal Gear Solid 2)

You Can Do Anything (Sonic CD)

Mother/Earthbound REALLY got the shaft. And the MGS2 theme is awesome, how could they cut it? AND FOREST MAZE?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!
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